Welcome to Carrolls Customs. Your one-stop destination for all things related to custom rifles. If you are not satisfied with the standard factory-made hunting rifle, we might have the perfect solution.  There is no point in using a rifle that doesn’t serve the purpose for which it is meant. So, if you are looking for custom hunting rifles in Texas, look no further. We have the experience and skill to build the most refined custom rifles for long-range hunting and shooting competitions.

Probably, you must have spent a fortune on your hunting rifle. But what if you are presented with an opportunity to buy the best long-range hunting rifle in Texas at a reasonable price. In many ways, we are here to supply custom rifles for the budget-minded shooter.

By and large, we are capable of building and designing precision hunting rifles that fit your need and profile.

At Carrolls Customs, our rifles are built to last. So, when you purchase a benchrest shooting rifle, we make sure that you get one of the most accurate and precise rifles. The rifles are some of the most unique and elegantly designed and are customized to live up to your expectations. We start by picking the caliber and move ahead by helping you select one of the finest stocks available.

Every aspect of the custom hunting rifles is aligned to suit your individual style and preference.  As far as benchrest shooting rifles are concerned, we’ve got you covered. Our rifles have a proven track record in Benchrest shooting, and this is what makes them popular among the users.

Likewise, if you are keen to purchase the best long-range hunting rifles for elk, don’t look any further. Our hunting rifles have all the precision, and because of the lighter package, you will find them easy to carry.

Find the Best Hunting Rifles in Texas

If you are about to order a custom hunting rifle, it always makes sense to work with the best. Our objective is to offer high-quality precision rifles that come loaded with the best components. Moreover, all the custom rifles are built around the 6.5 PRC cartridge from Hornady. In a bid to offer more flexibility, the rifles we built can also be chambered with the cartridge of your choice.

For those who are keen to purchase long-range hunting rifles on a budget in Texas, always make sure to look at Carrolls Customs. For more details, feel free to connect with us.

Why Choose Carrolls Customs?

Custom Hunting Rifles in Texas


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