Owned and operated by Daniel Carroll.  A firearm enthusiast and active medium to large game Hunter for over thirty years experience trekking through the woods.  Master Gunsmith and class 7 FFL manufacturer holder.  Established 2016 to supply custom rifles for the budget minded shooter.  

Tel: 281-795-4295
Email: carrollscustoms@gmail.com

As projects are completed actual photos will be updated.  Website is under constant update so some features and prices may change.  I have completed countless research and experimentation to concieve the bases of these rifles.  Some custom houses are charging $4-$7000, for similar builds.  I have found a process to offer these to you at hundreds if not thousands less.  But not sacrificing and most times improving accuracy.

The basis for my custom built rifle is focused on the 6.5 PRC cartridge from Hornady.  These rifles can be chambered in the cartridge of your choice.  Not limited to the PRC round only.  


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